25 May 2015

TOEFL Speaking Seminar

GIC will be offering a “TOEFL Speaking Seminar” the week of July 20. This class is designed to support Japanese young people who are preparing to […]
17 May 2015

Meeting with Joseph Kim

Yesterday we met the founder of Genesis International College, Dr. Joseph Kim. He was very kind to fly all the way over here to Tennessee to […]
15 May 2015

Why, again?

In case you are wondering why, or still confused about our decision to focus on the Japanese, maybe this news article might help you understand the […]
27 April 2015

Osaka merger referendum gets underway | The Japan Times

Interesting. I wonder how this attempt to re-arrange the city we are headed to will affect us. We will pray for God’s will as the citizens […]
2 March 2015

Updated “What and When”

I don’t want to delete the former post, because it’s neat to be able to look back and see what God is doing and changing in […]
11 February 2015

February Update

Hello, Friends! This past week we had an interview with Dr. Joseph Kim, the president of Genesis International College. We hit it off well, and appreciated […]
2 February 2015

Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa

By now you have likely heard of Kenji Goto. If you haven’t, or if you want more information on the whole story, there are links below. […]
1 February 2015

Soul Value

What is the value of a human being based on? Christians will answer that each human life has value because we are all made in the […]
31 January 2015

Want to enjoy a bunch of uniquely Japanese words?

Check out this blog post: http://www.fluentu.com/japanese/blog/weird-strange-japanese-words/ My favorite is 空気読めない.  What’s yours?