14 December 2016

2016 Year in Review

2016 has been busy indeed. We thank God for his faithfulness throughout the year! Ministry: We have reached out to around 30 Japanese foreign exchange students […]
8 November 2016

Did you get my donation?

We have had many people ask us if their donation made it to us. Many of our co-laborers with Christar serve in areas where their lives, […]
17 October 2016


We ask you to pray for the exchange students we invite into our home as part of our hospitality ministry often, so here’s an answer to […]
17 October 2016

A new video!

Hey, Friends! Thanks for all your support! Here’s a new video that explains GIC and why it is needed, starring our co-laborers on the team! We […]
16 August 2016

A visit to New England

Carla just returned from a jaunt up north to meet the principal missionary of the school she may be working with in Osaka. She was generously […]
16 August 2016

New Milestones

Hello! We applied for passports and had the blessing of writing lots of thank you cards to new supporters this week. I can’t quite express how […]
16 August 2016


Daniel began his Perspectives class yesterday. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class. […]
1 July 2016

Nearly 40,000 Children in Japan are Institutionalized

One of the things that breaks our heart is the state of institutionalized orphan care in Japan. We have had some people ask us to explain […]
30 June 2016

Japan Infographic

For those of you who have asked us questions about Japan and why we are going there, here’s a great infographic on why the Japanese need […]