8 February 2018

Lost Are Saved!

God works in and through the hearts of our Chinese friends
27 October 2017

When are you going to Japan?

That is, quite literally, the million-dollar question, and we hear it every day.
3 October 2017

Not Cut Off from God

To say I was stressed would be an understatement. We had just finished a sixteen hour flight across the Pacific Ocean, which had been preceded by […]
6 July 2017
Christar Appointees Signing Member Covenant

Christar Training Complete!

We’re back from Texas! Hey, Everyone! We are very happy to announce that we have completed our pre-departure orientation, a two week training which Christar requires […]
8 June 2017
Close-up of People Praying with Bibles in Lap

Praying Together

One of the things that struck us most when we went to our first training with Christar two years ago, was the focus on prayer. Repeatedly during […]
24 May 2017
View from bridge near downtown Dallas

Training in Dallas, TX!

Hello, Friends! We’re excited to be heading to Dallas, TX in June for Pre-Departure Orientation, the final portion of our training with Christar.  We are certain […]
29 April 2017
Front Exterior Lawn of a One-Story Brick House

New Things in April

Things have kicked into high gear! We have someone who might be interested in our house.  Please continue to pray about this situation. It has not been […]
2 March 2017

Our Ebenezer Day

Yesterday was Daniel’s first day off from work, after over 5 years of God faithfully providing for our family and for our missionary preparation through his […]
23 February 2017

Breaks Our Heart— Child Suicide in Japan

The Mystery Behind Japan’s High Suicide Rates Among Kids I ran across this article recently and was again reminded why we want to go share the […]