8 July 2015

Fundraising Update for July trip to Osaka

Thank you! I know I already wrote a thank you post for all the people who have helped us raise funds for this specific trip.  But […]
25 May 2015

God’s poetic providence

I wish I had a picture of it. We have a picture of us meeting with Dr. Kim, but at the end when we took him […]
25 May 2015

TOEFL Speaking Seminar

GIC will be offering a “TOEFL Speaking Seminar” the week of July 20. This class is designed to support Japanese young people who are preparing to […]
1 February 2015

Soul Value

What is the value of a human being based on? Christians will answer that each human life has value because we are all made in the […]
16 January 2015

Interactive Religious Immigration Map

I found this rather intriguing, so I thought I would share.  It is a map of immigration during 2010, showing the religious affiliation of immigrants to […]
5 November 2014

The Sojourner

What a blessing it is to have Japanese friends in Tennessee!  Leviticus 19:34 has been a verse that has governed over my life greatly while living […]
28 November 2010

Rebecca’s Birthday

When Rebecca stayed with us during her first two days in America, we learned many things about her and about China.  One small thing she said […]
28 October 2010

“God approves of divorce?”

Now, I know first hand there are thousands of non-Christian Americans.  I also know that there is a ton of Americans claiming to be Christian who […]