6 January 2016

Memory Verse

This is our first memory verse for the new year. Wanna learn it with us? 世界の諸国よ。神様をはれたたえなさい。地に住む人は皆、賛美しなさい。Psalm 117:1 Seikai no shokoku yo.  Kamisama [o] haretataenasai.  Chi ni […]
4 January 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 is going to be a big busy year for us. We will be traveling around seeking donors and prayer partners all year, making new friends […]
22 December 2015

A Song for Christmas Joy

For your Christmas enjoyment, may we present to you the Dedachi Family’s video: This made my heart so glad! I hope to meet them when we […]
31 January 2015

Want to enjoy a bunch of uniquely Japanese words?

Check out this blog post: http://www.fluentu.com/japanese/blog/weird-strange-japanese-words/ My favorite is 空気読めない.  What’s yours?
8 September 2014

Tips for Language Study

I have been studying and praying about taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this December.  I was getting super worked up about it, unable to decide […]
22 July 2014


We’ve been looking into what would be a good translation for “Gibson.” Yes, we could simply go with the Japanese pronunciation and katakana writing ギブソン、and that […]
11 June 2014

Why old Japanese women have names in katakana

I found this information about names and the syllabaries interesting.