3 October 2017

Not Cut Off from God

To say I was stressed would be an understatement. We had just finished a sixteen hour flight across the Pacific Ocean, which had been preceded by […]
23 February 2017

Breaks Our Heart— Child Suicide in Japan

The Mystery Behind Japan’s High Suicide Rates Among Kids I ran across this article recently and was again reminded why we want to go share the […]
16 February 2017

Human Trafficking and Missionary Work

A lot of focus has come back onto ending human trafficking and modern day slavery since Ashton Kutcher just testified to the US Senate. So much […]
1 July 2016

Nearly 40,000 Children in Japan are Institutionalized

One of the things that breaks our heart is the state of institutionalized orphan care in Japan. We have had some people ask us to explain […]
30 June 2016

Japan Infographic

For those of you who have asked us questions about Japan and why we are going there, here’s a great infographic on why the Japanese need […]
1 May 2016


I was reading in Isaiah 17 this morning about Damascus being shaken like a tree so that all its fruit falls off, all but a few […]
29 February 2016


Rice Stalk Sumi E
29 February 2016

Contemplating the Harvest

Matthew 9:37-38 has had me pondering the harvest. I’ve grown up in a fairly suburban and rural mix of the southeast, so I can visit a […]
22 December 2015

A Song for Christmas Joy

For your Christmas enjoyment, may we present to you the Dedachi Family’s video: This made my heart so glad! I hope to meet them when we […]