27 October 2017

When are you going to Japan?

That is, quite literally, the million-dollar question, and we hear it every day.
3 October 2017

Not Cut Off from God

To say I was stressed would be an understatement. We had just finished a sixteen hour flight across the Pacific Ocean, which had been preceded by […]
8 June 2017
Close-up of People Praying with Bibles in Lap

Praying Together

One of the things that struck us most when we went to our first training with Christar two years ago, was the focus on prayer. Repeatedly during […]
29 April 2017
Front Exterior Lawn of a One-Story Brick House

New Things in April

Things have kicked into high gear! We have someone who might be interested in our house.  Please continue to pray about this situation. It has not been […]
14 November 2015

Baby J is here!

Apologies for the lack of posts in the past few weeks, we were busy bringing something beautiful into the world. That may sound silly, but it’s […]
26 July 2015

Daniel is Home Safe

Thanks for your prayers everyone! Daniel is now safe at home snoozing on the couch, because he got home at 3:30 this morning, and then preached […]
22 July 2015

A New Game

My children started a new game the other day. We have a very nice world globe that was sitting in the garage for the past two […]
22 July 2015

A Tisket A Tasket…

Bug wanted to make a paper basket today. So, we followed these instructions to make an origami one. In case you want to try it yourself, […]
16 August 2014

Finding a Name

We have been attempting to find an appropriate Japanese expression of our family name. Carla is a huge lover of onomastics and etymology, so this was […]