15 July 2014

The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2014

God blessed me and our family thoroughly this summer in several ways. One of which was my father paying for us to go on a vacation […]
11 June 2014

Why old Japanese women have names in katakana

I found this information about names and the syllabaries interesting.
10 January 2011

お誕生日と一升餅(Birthdays and Rice Cake)

After seeing the post I made on FB about attending a Japanese birthday party and having my child participate in Isshou Mochi, one of my friends […]
28 November 2010

Rebecca’s Birthday

When Rebecca stayed with us during her first two days in America, we learned many things about her and about China.  One small thing she said […]
28 October 2010

“God approves of divorce?”

Now, I know first hand there are thousands of non-Christian Americans.  I also know that there is a ton of Americans claiming to be Christian who […]