30 January 2015

Seahawks Assistant Coach on Jesus:

I thought I’d pass this article along: http://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/seahawks-assistant-coach-jesus-is-better-than-the-super-bowl
16 January 2015

Interactive Religious Immigration Map

I found this rather intriguing, so I thought I would share.  It is a map of immigration during 2010, showing the religious affiliation of immigrants to […]
14 January 2015

Application Accepted

Hooray!  We were blessed last night to be informed that Christar has accepted our application to serve as missionaries through their organization, and we are now […]
5 November 2014

The Sojourner

What a blessing it is to have Japanese friends in Tennessee!  Leviticus 19:34 has been a verse that has governed over my life greatly while living […]
1 November 2014

How to Pray for Workers among the Least Reached

Thought I’d share.  I found this info-graphic from Christar pretty helpful for anyone endeavoring to pray for UPGs, and those seeking to bring the Gospel of […]
19 September 2014

How do you know?

I’ve struggled in the past with the debate about what is best, and when will be best, with regard to our family going to Japan.  Wouldn’t […]
8 September 2014

Tips for Language Study

I have been studying and praying about taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this December.  I was getting super worked up about it, unable to decide […]
16 August 2014

Finding a Name

We have been attempting to find an appropriate Japanese expression of our family name. Carla is a huge lover of onomastics and etymology, so this was […]
22 July 2014


We’ve been looking into what would be a good translation for “Gibson.” Yes, we could simply go with the Japanese pronunciation and katakana writing ギブソン、and that […]