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16 February 2017
Our Ebenezer Day
2 March 2017

Breaks Our Heart— Child Suicide in Japan

The Mystery Behind Japan’s High Suicide Rates Among Kids

I ran across this article recently and was again reminded why we want to go share the gospel with the Japanese, and do so as quickly as possible. It states, among other sad statistics, that the number one cause of death for children 10-19 in 2014 was suicide. Bullying, the breakdown of families, pressure to succeed academically, all of this and more contribute to children in Japan being stressed to the point of breaking— to the point of “roughly 4,600 suicide deaths in each year, and another 157,000 instances of hospitalization for self-inflicted injuries.”

Please help send us! We are not the solution ourselves, but we absolutely believe that the God who created these precious children sent His Son to rescue them, and wants us to tell them about Him! We want to share Jesus, who took little children into His arms and did not send them away, with these kids who so desperately need someone to love them, approve their worth, and encourage them.

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