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22 July 2015
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26 July 2015

A New Game

My children started a new game the other day. We have a very nice world globe that was sitting in the garage for the past two years, that I brought inside and placed on a shelf. It wasn’t long before they got ahold of it and started spinning it.

Then they began poking it to make it stop.

Then they asked me to tell them the name of the country they had landed on.

I was surprised, because I had never shown this idea to them. They surprised me further, by praying on the spot for the people in that country to come to know Jesus.

Taking turns, they repeated this game, occasionally asking for more information about the countries, and the people who lived there. I wanted to cry, this was so precious.

I didn’t teach it to them, though. I have a suspicion that they learned it at Christar NPO under the teaching of Mrs. Tiffany and Mrs. Natalie. Shout out to them for teaching my kids such a sweet idea! 🙂

Who in the world are you praying for?


  1. Mom & Granna says:

    I’m glad to know it is finally being used (and for a great game)!

  2. gr8brady says:

    There’s a really good book called Window on the World and its predecessors You Can Change the World and You Can Change the World 2. They have stories and information about other countries and people groups, neat pictures, and ways that you can pray for them. We used the older ones in family devotions growing up, and I can still remember some of the stories.

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