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16 July 2015
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22 July 2015

Daniel is safe in Osaka

Hello, Friends!

Thank you for all the prayers for Daniel to be safe on his trip. It was a long night for me and a long trip for him. Now that I know he is ok, I feel like I can finally go to bed, but alas it is 9:00AM and I have spunky little kiddos who just ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast. While I was trying to fight off all the “what if” scenarios that popped into my head from not hearing from him yet, I noticed the breakfast I was making them looked a lot like little hurricanes.

Less about me and more about how God took care of him and answered your prayers:

I already noted that the other team members who booked their flights directly into Osaka had those flights cancelled. It was not my idea to book him through Nagoya. It just happened that it was $200 cheaper and had easier layovers for him. I’m really feeling the hand of God in that happening.

From Nagoya, he had to take the meitetsu/kintetsu trains down to Osaka. During the night as I checked the status of things regarding his trip, I discovered two things. There were several thousand Japanese nationals evacuated from their homes due to the storm. The evacuees (ranging from 100,000 to 550,000 people, according to differing reports) were all scrambling to find transportation amidst this storm. Planes were grounded and trains were cancelled and the airports and train stations were full of people.

Daniel’s train did not get cancelled. He was able to buy his ticket without having to go through exchanging currency, because M-San generously gave him 5000 yen for his trip. He missed the first train out of Mei-eki, but got on the next one. The JR railway was going directly through the eye of the storm, but the Kintetsu, which I had advised him to purchase, was going underneath the storm as it had passed. Once again, I didn’t predict that or choose it based on that. I had no way of knowing. The JR trains to Osaka were mostly cancelled or delayed, but Daniel was able to ride on the Kintetsu down to Osaka safely. Upon arriving he knew it was a very busy station, and prayed specifically that he would find the people he was supposed to meet at the exit. They were right there when he came out. Apparently they were just about to leave and give up on finding him, and God brought them to the exact location Daniel prayed for them to be at.

They took him out to dinner and to the 3-story Hello Kitty store to get a gift for Bug. He is now safe, fed, drying out his socks, and nestled into an only-slightly-larger-than-a-capsule-hotel room, thankful to have the night for resting.

Thank you, once again, for all your prayers!

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