Japanese Friend
15 July 2015
Daniel is safe in Osaka
17 July 2015

3, 2, 1, Takeoff!

Daniel has boarded his flight to Japan and is now somewhere over Canada en route to Nagoya.

Interestingly enough, the fact that he is flying into Nagoya instead of Osaka was not planned, but rather a last minute change due to prices changing. It just so happens that the flights directly into Osaka today were cancelled because this is what’s going on with the weather over there:


I am placing a lot of faith in God to get my husband safely to Japan and to land the airplane he is riding on well in this storm/typhoon/hurricane. Please pray along with me that God will keep him safe. Pray for his safety traveling by train down to Osaka from Nagoya, considering the possibility of mudslides could affect the tracks.

On a happy note, he was thrilled that the people sitting around him apparently no showed, and he has the entire row of seats to himself on this 13+hr flight. Haha.

Thanks for praying, Friends!

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