Fundraising Update for July trip to Osaka
8 July 2015
Japanese Friend
15 July 2015

When are you going to Japan?

We get asked this question a lot. 

After much consideration, and gaining insight through attending Christar missionary training,

We have set a goal to move to Japan and begin serving in country by August 2017.

  • There are opportunities and roles waiting to be filled by us at Genesis International College right now.
  • Though we would love to move immediately, we must rely on God to provide the money we need through people who partner with us by praying and donating.
  • Setting a solid goal gives us and those who partner with us the motivation to strive towards it, and the enjoyment of reaching it.
  • Missions is a calling that involves fasting, on both the part of the missionaries and those family members and friends they leave behind. (Not from food, but from the physical presence of those they love, cultural familiarity, and convenience, among other things.) This goal provides us with some time to cherish those people we will miss once we leave, and to prepare one another for the time apart.

Would you go tomorrow if you had all the money just show up unexpectedly?

Yes. We would take the time to meet with those who are on our support team, finish all our required training, and give our family lots of hugs. Then we go!

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