Arigatou Gozaimasu!
6 July 2015
When are you going to Japan?
11 July 2015

Fundraising Update for July trip to Osaka

Thank you!

I know I already wrote a thank you post for all the people who have helped us raise funds for this specific trip.  But I realized I only had the one pie chart from the beginning of the fundraising, and I wanted to update you all on the actual status. We have been given 85% of the total amount needed to go to Osaka. Which means we had enough to go ahead and purchase the plane ticket. Yay!

We only need to raise money for daily food and lodging now. Daniel is going to share a hostel with some other GIC workers, so that will only be about $350. Thank you, once again for all your help!

Screenshot 2015-07-08 08.41.06

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