Institutionalized Children in Japan
10 June 2015
Prayer request 7/6/15
6 July 2015

Christar New Personnel Orientation

We spent the last two weeks in Dallas, TX at Christar’s U.S. Mobilization Center, participating in training to be appointed as active missionaries and begin raising the funds to go to Japan.  Several people told us that processing the amount of information we would receive would be comparable to trying to drink from a fire hydrant. They were correct. We were grateful for all of the wisdom, knowledge, and practice generously provided to us during these two weeks. There were doctrine discussions, marriage counseling, fundraising presentation practice, and tools and tips provided for everything that is about to happen in the next months as we seek to raise our prayer and financial support. Our children were even graciously cared for and taught every day with snacks from countries all around the world, learning Jesus songs in foreign languages, and discussing their fears and excitement about being a missionary kid. It was a wonderfully God-filled atmosphere.

The kids did great with their first plane ride! I have a friend to thank over at The Cedar Place for her tips on flying with children.

Throughout the weeks we were given the information, encouragement, and support needed to scope out a projected timeline for our departure to the field. We also made close friendships with the other missionaries going through the training with us. Please keep them in your prayers.

One of our favorite things was learning more details about what to pray for least reached people groups around the world, and getting to pray for them every day. Another thing we enjoyed was that just about every person we spoke with had experience as a missionary, and practiced what they preached. When we were told to take our health seriously, and to care for our bodies well, we could look around the room and see gray haired missionaries who had youthful energy and stamina and a joy that filled the room. When we were told that God is faithful through suffering, every person had real stories to give us as an example. It was so good to be surrounded by people who were living out what they were encouraging us to go and do.

On the last day of NPO, after singing praise and worship and having dinner together with other missionaries, we read aloud our part of the covenant with Christar members, and they in return read theirs. After that we signed the covenant and officially became active appointees through Christar to Japan. There were other missionaries there who had raised their support and were doing the second half of training prior to departure, and they were officially declared members of Christar. One couple is flying out today, please pray for them.

We now have several months of fundraising and prayer support raising ahead of us. Along with raising money we need at least 100 people to commit to pray for us daily before we can purchase plane tickets and move. Please consider how God may be calling you to support us.


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