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15 May 2015
TOEFL Speaking Seminar
25 May 2015

Meeting with Joseph Kim

Yesterday we met the founder of Genesis International College, Dr. Joseph Kim. He was very kind to fly all the way over here to Tennessee to meet us.

We talked about our vision for serving in Japan with him over lunch at Cracker Barrel. It was very nice to get to know him better, and he seems to be a practical, down to earth gentleman with a passion for reaching the lost and for helping those in the lower class in Japan have access to high quality educational opportunities.Meeting JKim

He told us that the team had been relying on the talents of a volunteer designer to build their digital presence, and while he is an excellent designer, he is very busy with his other design projects. So, they had been praying for a tech person to join their team, who would be qualified for the task, and willing to move to Japan and volunteer work for GIC. About a month later, Daniel contacted GIC to see if there was anywhere our family could pray for them and help them get started.

Fast forward to today, after meeting with Dr. Kim, he has offered Daniel the position of IT Director for Genesis International College. Daniel has accepted the position as a volunteer, which means we will have to raise all the funds to move to Japan and find partners who are willing to donate funds monthly toward our needs while living there. Daniel will not be leaving his current job until we can do so. He will, however, begin working on some projects for GIC before we move.

Our family is very excited about this new opportunity, and looking forward to all that God will do as we trust in Him.

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