February Update
11 February 2015
Osaka merger referendum gets underway | The Japan Times
27 April 2015

Updated “What and When”

I don’t want to delete the former post, because it’s neat to be able to look back and see what God is doing and changing in our path to get to Japan. So, here’s an updated version of upcoming events on the path as we move toward serving in Japan.

God willing:

  • Now- Prayer, lots of it.
  • Now- Support Raising
  • May 2015- Carla works on TESOL Certificate
  • June 2015- Christar Training in Dallas, TX (Need to raise $3,750 just for this.)
  • July 2015- GIC meeting in Osaka, Just Daniel. (Need to raise $2,500 for this.)
  • August 2015- Daniel begins work on a Master’s Degree, so that he can be a professor of entry-level computer classes at the school in Osaka. (He is halfway through a seminary master’s, but GIC would rather him switch to a computer related degree, so he can teach.)

We will continue to be praying and asking for support while Daniel pursues the master’s degree in technology that GIC has requested him to have. After he finishes the degree and when we have raised enough support, we will be able to go to Japan.

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