Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa
2 February 2015
Updated “What and When”
2 March 2015

February Update

Hello, Friends!

This past week we had an interview with Dr. Joseph Kim, the president of Genesis International College. We hit it off well, and appreciated getting a stronger sense of his passion and plan for serving in Japan.  We have upcoming interviews with two other leaders of the Genesis team, and our sending organization is in contact with GIC to iron out all the details for cooperating to send us.

All these meetings have given us a better understanding of our time frame for preparation and actually arriving in Japan. Dr. Kim has requested that Daniel switch from a seminary degree to a Master’s in some form of computer technology, so that he can be a professor of technology at the school. Daniel is actually excited that his tech skills will be useful on the mission field. Carla has been asked to get a TESOL certificate, so she can officially teach English as a second language. This extra bit of preparation may add an extra year of waiting patiently to our initial plans, but it is good to follow God’s timing and be well prepared for what He will have us doing.

We still need to raise funds. Right now we have nothing. We really need to raise $3750 to go to our Christar training in June, and $2500 for Daniel to go to Osaka in July to meet with the Genesis team, get some video interviews for further fundraising, and scope out places to live and such, prior to our arrival. If you can help us out, please do! Chick-Fil-A has offered to do a spirit night to help us, and we will keep you updated when we carve out a time.

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